Jumat, 18 Desember 2015

Model Bedroom Minimalism

The bedrooms are very important built well because comfort in our rest home are also heavily influenced by the model of the bedroom. A cozy bedroom will give us the ease of relaxation and berisitrahat in the house after a day's work and activities outside the home. What are the model of minimalist bedrooms are there? Let us consider some of the following explanation, but before we look at one contih minimalist bedrooms there.
One example above we can see the bedroom minimalist models that only seems simple, not a lot of variety but can give the impression of a clean and tend toward luxury. Judging from his board type (COTS), board room bed is not too high, just short and casual look is not too special. Form special just visible from his easy chair, recliner that has the shape yabg unique and looks simple but comfortable for digunaka in activities in modern minimalist home such as reading newspapers, reading magazines, menontoh TV or relaxing activity other commonly done with a recliner.
Bedroom lights were designed well so that the lighting is not directly on the eye, but passed to dinging over and there is also a lamp next to the bed so that we can easily turn on or off the bedroom lights. For the bedroom floor on the model this time looks beige, the color is the color of the simple and elegant color, this color does not make our eyes glare and make us more comfortable when in the bedroom. Unlike the case with child's bedroom which tend to use a lot of bright colors in accordance with the spirit of a child who likes the bright cheery colors.
Floor bedroom can we put carpet in full to escape the cold of his feet when we step on the floor, because usually in urban areas, the bedrooms are often used for Air Conditioning, but in rural areas that Kia could get air segear easily then do not need us give a full carpet throughout the room the bed, but only on the parts or the place where we often indulge and meninjak floor there.
That's some kind varisasi and minimalist bedroom design we can say, I hope you can be inspired by looking at the color, accessories and forms design of the bedroom we have stated above.

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